Fall Cross Country Running Season



New Runner Registration for Cross Country season will begin in July. Please add your name to the mailing list on our Home Page to receive updates about registration windows.

The Walton Youth Track Club (WYTC) is a track and field club for girls and boys in elementary, middle and high school which participates in local area and USATF-led meets. No prior experience with running competitively is required to participate on the WYTC team.

Our program is designed to introduce kids to cross country running by providing an experience that is fun, competitive, social, and educational. Cross country races are trail runs across several types of terrain at distances of 2,000m (1.2 miles) for kids 8 years old and under; 3,000m (1.9 miles) for kids 9 through 12 years old; 4,000m (2.5 miles) for kids 13 and 14 years old; and 5,000m (3.1 miles) for 15+ year olds.

Please contact WYTC at waltonytc@gmail.com with any questions about the Walton Youth Track Club’s program.

Parents/older siblings, feel free to help out in any way you wish at the practices and the meets. Run with your child and create memories for a lifetime.